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The deep science and technology project was inspired by the "dragon". The jiaolong sea trials at level 5000 m and 5000 m level invited during sea trials Please try the Marine scientists involved in the sea process, fully tap the latent time the scientific value of each test, let volunteers engineers realized the benefits of scientists and engineers are closely combined. , on the other hand, from the United States in 2010 to commemorate the human in order to the marianas trench Deep - "challenger deep" writing in the 50th anniversary of the memorial of awareness of the deep science and technology is the forefront of science and technology in the field of ocean. Therefore ...More+

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Jobs: 深渊中心科学团队成员
Position: 讲师,博士
Research: 深渊生物学和生态学

2014.01-至今 上海海洋大学深渊科学技术研究中心 讲师

2012.04-2014.01 佐治亚大学海洋科学系 博士后研究员

2008.09-2012.02 同济大学海洋地质国家重点实验室 博士

物标志物在环境中的应用等研究领域取得了一些重要研究成果。这些研究成果被发表在Applied and Environmental
Microbiology 和Geomicrobiology Journal等地质微生物领域的期刊上,共发表论文11篇,其中SCI期刊8篇、中文核


1. Wei Y., P. Wang, M. Zhao, X. Li, H. Lu, C. Zhang. 2014. Lipid and DNA evidence of dominance of planktonic
archaea preserved in sediments of the South China Sea: insight for application of the TEX86 proxy in an unstable
marine sediment environment. Geomicrobiology Journal, 31(4):360-369.

2. Wang P., Y. Wei, T. Li, F. Li, J. Meng, C. Zhang. 2014. Archaeal diversity and spatial distribution in the surface
sediment of the South China Sea. Geomicrobiology Journal, 31(3):1-11.

3. Paraiso J., A. Williams, Q. Huang, Y. Wei, P. Dijkstra, B. Hungate, H. Dong, B. Hedlund and C. Zhang. 2013.
The distribution and abundance of archaeal tetraether lipids in U.S. Great Basin hot springs. Frontiers in Terrestrial
Microbiology, doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2013.00247.

4. Hedlund B., J. Paraiso, A. Williams, Q. Huang, Y. Wei, P. Dijkstra, B. Hungate, H. Dong and C. Zhang. 2013.
Wide distribution of autochthonous branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers (bGDGTs) in U.S. Great Basin
hot springs. Frontiers in Terrestrial Microbiology, doi:10.3389/fmicb.2013.00222.

5. Wang S., R. Dong, C. Dong, L. Huang, H. Jiang, Y. Wei, L. Liang, D. Liu, G. Yang, C. Zhang, H. Dong. 2012.
Diversity of microbial plankton across the Three Gorge Dam of the Yangtze River,China. Geoscience of Frontiers,

6. Zhang C., J. Wang, Y. Wei, C. Zhu, L. Huang, H. Dong. 2012. Production of branched tetraether lipids in the
lower Pearl River and estuary: effects of extraction methods and impaction on bGDGT proxies. Frontiers in
Terrestrial Microbiology, 2:1-18.

7. Wei Y., J. Wang, J. Liu, L. Dong, P. Wang, M. Zhao, L. Li, C. Zhang. 2011. Spatial Variation in archaeal lipids
of surface water and core-top sediments in the South China Sea: implications for paleoclimate studies. Appl Environ

8. Wang P., T. Li., A. Hu, Y. Wei, W. Guo, N. Jiao, C. Zhang. 2010. Community Structure of Archaea from Deep-
Sea Sediments of the South China Sea. Microb Ecol, 60:796-806.


1) 2014.7-2017.6,深渊沉积物中古菌宏基因组学研究(HAST-S-2014-01),上海海洋大学人事处专用基金项目

2) 2012.4-2014.1, toward a holistic and global understanding of hot spring ecosystems: A US-China based inter-
national collaboration, 美国自然科学基金委项目(参与);

3)2011.1-2012.2,南海水体中古菌的分布及生物地球化学功能(91028005), 国家自然科学基金委重大研究项目

4) 2008.9-2011.12:南海冷泉区甲烷通量及其对海底环境与生态系统影响的生物地球化学研究(40730844), 国家

5) 2008.9-2011.7:微型生物在碳储库及气候变化中的作用的研究(2007CB815904), 国家重点基础研究发展973


1)Wei Y., Wang J., Wang P., Zhao M., Zhang C.L. Changes in archaeal community structure and lipid profiles
along a salinity gradient in the Pearl River Estuary. American Geophysical Union annual meeting. Dec. 9-13, 2013.
San Francisco, CA

2) Wei Y., Wang P., Liu Z., Zhao M., Zhang C.L. Archaeal Diversity Associated with Methaneenriched Sediments
in the South China Sea. American Geophysical Union annual meeting. Dec. 13-16, 2010. San Francisco, CA.

Email: yl_wei@shou.edu.cn,
Tel: 021-61900170