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The deep science and technology project was inspired by the "dragon". The jiaolong sea trials at level 5000 m and 5000 m level invited during sea trials Please try the Marine scientists involved in the sea process, fully tap the latent time the scientific value of each test, let volunteers engineers realized the benefits of scientists and engineers are closely combined. , on the other hand, from the United States in 2010 to commemorate the human in order to the marianas trench Deep - "challenger deep" writing in the 50th anniversary of the memorial of awareness of the deep science and technology is the forefront of science and technology in the field of ocean. Therefore ...More+

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Rulong Liu

1. Education
  PhD                                 Hong Kong University of Science and technology
(2008. 09~ 2012. 10)             Major: Marine Environmental Science
                             Research Interest: Microbial source tracking of fecal pollution
Master                        Xiamen University
   (2004. 09~2008. 09)         Major: Environmental Science
Research Interest: Marine microbial ecology
  Undergraduate Study     Shandong University,
   (2000. 09~2004. 07)        Major: Microbiology
2. Working Experience
·         2014.4-2015.08     Postdoctoral Research Associate,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
·         2013.4-2014.4       Joint Postdoctoral Research Associate,
Division of Life Science & Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
·         2013.1-2013.4       Postdoctoral Research Associate,
Division of Life Science
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
3. Research Experiences
·         2013-2015         Project: Microbial ecology in a novel wastewater treatment system performing the
sulfur cycle associated biological phosphorus removal and denitrification
·         2008-2013         Project: Development of novel genetic markers for source tracking of fecal
pollution based on an anaerobic bacteria Bacteroidales.                       
·         2007-2008       Project: Research on physiological characters of aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic                                                                                                  
bacteria (AAPB)
·         2004-2008       Project: Ecological research of aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria (AAPB)    
in in-shore area and off-shore area of the ocean.
·         2003-2004       Project: Research on desulfurization of petroleum by microbes.  
4. Research interests
·         Environmental microbiology, Molecular microbial ecology
·         Human activities and marine environment
·         Resources microbiology and Next generation biofuels
·         Microbial community engineering and Marine environmental engineering
5. Expertise
·         Microbial ecology in marine environment and wastewater
·         Well trained in scientific question identification, experimental design and data interpretation
·         Well trained in presentation skills and scientific writing
·         Good at common techniques for microbial ecology studies, e.g. TRFLP, DGGE, Cloning and sequencing, Next generation sequencing, Quantitative PCR, RNA and reverse-transcription, FISH, Microcosm
6. Awards
·         2012.5                 “Best Research Award”, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
Interdisciplinary Programs Office (research award)
·         2009.9                  “Best Presentation” in PG seminar courses
·         2008.3                 “Anniversary Award”, Xiamen University (research award)
7. Teaching experience
·        2008.9-Present      Lead seven undergraduate and postgraduate students in their “Final Year Project”
and “Master of Science Project”, one of the students won the “Best Poster” in their final presentation
·        2011.2-2011.6       Teaching assistant of course “Environmental microbiology”
8. Cruise Experiences
·         2010.2 & .4 & .12  Cruise of Victoria harbor
·         2006.42006.9     Cruise of Yangtze River estuary, to determine the impact of construction 
                  of the Three Gorges Dam to the microbial structure of Yangtze River.
·         2005.4-2005.9       Global cruise (R/V Ocean No.1), to study the ecology of major groups of marine
microbes in global scale.                      
·         2005.3                 Cruise of Taiwan Strait (R/V Yanping No.2), to study the ecological         
                      situation in the sea of Taiwan Strait. I mainly did sampling works on board.
·         2004.11                Investigation on the breed aquatics area in Dongshan town, to investigate 
                      the microbial structure of typical breed aquatics area.
9. Publications
1) Jin Qian, Li Wei, Rulong Liu, Feng Jiang, Xiaodi Hao, Guang-Hao Chen (2016) An Exploratory Study on the Pathways of Cr (VI) Reduction in Sulfate-reducing Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Bed (UASB) Reactor. Scientific Report (Impact Factor 5.8) DOI: 10.1038/srep23694
2) Rulong Liu, S.C.K. Lau, L.T.C. Yeung, N.P.H. Ho (2016) Tracking the changes of the relative concentration of Bacteroidales DNA marker and culturable E. coli in seawater: potential use in estimating the age of fecal pollution, submitted to Canadian Journal of Microbiology (Impact Factor, 1.2)
3) Wen-Tao Tang, Ji Dai, Rulong Liu (Co-corresponding author), Guanghao Chen (2015) Microbial Ureolysis in the Seawater-catalysed Urine Phosphorus Recovery System: Kinetic Study and Reactor Verification. Water Research (Impact Factor 5.5) 87: 10-19
4) Rulong Liu, K.H.F. Cheng, K. Wong, S.C.S. Cheng, S.C.K. Lau, (2015) Differential utility of the Bacteroidales DNA and RNA markers in the tiered approach for microbial source tracking in subtropical seawater, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (Impact Factor 3.8), 99:5669-81
5) Jin Qian, Rulong Liu, Hui Lu, Li Wei, Yanxiang Cui, Guang-Hao Chen (2015) System Evaluation and Microbial Analysis of a Sulfur Cycle-based Process for Co-treatment of Sulfur-rich Industrial Wastes and Freshwater Sewage, Water Research (Impact Factor, 5.5), 80:189-99
6) Jin Qian, Hui Lu, Yanxiang Cui, Li Wei, Rulong Liu and Guanghao Chen (2014) Investigation on Thiosulfate-involved Organics and nitrogen removal by a sulfur cycle-based biological wastewater treatment process. Water Research (Impact Factor 5.5), doi:10.1016/j.watres.2014.11.038
7) Tianwei Hao, Jinhai Luo, Li Wei, Hamish R Mackey, Rulong Liu, GR Morito, and Guanghao Chen (2014) Physicochemical and biological characterization of long-term operated sulfate reducing granular sludge in the SANI® Process. Water Research (Impact Factor 5.5), doi:10.1016/j.watres.2014.12.051  
8) Rulong Liu, Fun C. F. Chan, Clare H. I. Lun, Stanley C. K. Lau, (2012) Improving the performance of an end-point PCR assay commonly used for the detection of Bacteroidales pertaining to cow feces. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnolog (Impact Factor 3.8), 93(4), 1703-13.
9) Rulong Liu, Miranda H.Y Chiang, Clare H. I. Lun, P.Y. Qian, and Stanley C. K. Lau, (2010) Host-specific 16S rRNA gene markers of Bacteroidales for source tracking of fecal pollution in the subtropical coastal water of Hong Kong. Water Research (Impact Factor IF 5.5), 44(20), 6164-6174.
10) Rulong Liu, Nianzhi Jiao, and Yao Zhang, (2010) Diel variation of aerobic anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria in Xisha island of South China Sea. Aquatic Microbial Ecology (Impact Factor IF 1.9), 58(3), 303-310. 
11) Nianzhi Jiao, Yao Zhang, Yonghui Zeng, Ning Hong, Rulong Liu, Feng Chen, Pinxian Wang, (2007) Distinct distribution pattern of abundance and diversity of aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria in the global ocean". Environmental Microbiology (Impact Factor 6.2), 9(12), 3091-3099.
In preparing:
1) Rulong Liu et al., A novel genus of bacteria performing simultaneous sulfur cycle-associated nitrogen and phosphorus removal from wastewater, Environmental Microbiology, in preparing.
2) Rulong Liu et al., Diversity dynamics of fecal microbial communities after releasing into subtropical seawaters with different levels of dissolved oxygen and light irradiation: implications to public health and coastal environments, Environmental Microbiology, in preparing.
3) Rulong Liu, Haiguang Wang, Di Wu, Guanghao Chen, Diversity and dynamics of microbial
  communities in a Sulfur-cycle associated Denitrifying Phosphorus Removal bioreactor for
  simultaneously removal of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater: effect of hydrolic   
  retention time (HRT). Journal of Applied Microbiology, in preparing.