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The deep science and technology project was inspired by the "dragon". The jiaolong sea trials at level 5000 m and 5000 m level invited during sea trials Please try the Marine scientists involved in the sea process, fully tap the latent time the scientific value of each test, let volunteers engineers realized the benefits of scientists and engineers are closely combined. , on the other hand, from the United States in 2010 to commemorate the human in order to the marianas trench Deep - "challenger deep" writing in the 50th anniversary of the memorial of awareness of the deep science and technology is the forefront of science and technology in the field of ocean. Therefore ...More+

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James Cameron

James Cameron (James Cameron) Hollywood famous film director, is good at shooting action movies and science fiction movies.
On March 29, 2012, James Cameron made the first solo dive to the mariana trench in the depth of the expedition, he at the bottom of the sea in video footage taken by gradually released. Cameron had scuba diving experience many times before, including many times on the Atlantic ocean expedition to the wreck, but he didn't do what he said this time the "whole feeling experience", because there is no enough time.